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When you have a sight test with an optometrist with Riverside Opticians, you'll most likely see a dispensing optician afterwards. Here's what they both do, and why they do it.

The Optometrist

When you book a Sight Test with an optometrist at Riverside Opticians, remember that it includes an Eye Examination, which can often be even more important.

The Sight Test measures your ability to see clearly and obviously we can’t determine the strength and type of lenses you need without it. We assess your vision to find out if you are long, short-sighted and/or astigmatic and by how much. We do so one eye at a time and then we assess how efficiently your eyes operate in tandem.

We may also check your colour vision, vision balance and need for a reading prescription after which a written prescription is issued which itemises the prescription to correct your vision.

The Eye Examination looks more at the health of your eyes and can be an important indicator of your general health. If your family has a history of problems with their eyes, (glaucoma for example) you should inform us, as we may need to conduct some special tests. All the tests are completely painless.

We examine your eye with an ophthalmoscope which lets us look inside the eye at the cornea, retina, crystalline lens and the vitreous humour, the transparent jelly that fills the eyeball. It can give early information about diabetes, glaucoma, cataract and diseases of the nerves, so the examination is a very useful indication of your general health too.

Some parts of the Sight Test can involve the use of specialist equipment to test for glaucoma for example. It’s very important that we test for it, as while it’s not difficult to halt its progress, we can’t repair the damage, once it has happened. So, it’s very important to have regular Sight Tests, to help ensure your eye, and you, remain healthy.

The Dispensing Optician

While an optometrist determines your prescription, it’s the dispenser that turns it into the pair of spectacles that meets your needs. Your dispenser needs to have a sound grasp of optics and lenses and yet fashion in eyewear too.

Dispensers need to find out how you live your life and what your needs are, so they have to be an experts in understanding how people live their lives too.

They also have to take accurate measurements to ensure your spectacles operate as they should, so it all adds up to a skilled and demanding role.

The dispenser has to help you decide which of the hundreds of lens designs and materials, as well as which of the myriad of lens treatments and coatings, best meet your needs and budget.

It’s why they often ask so many questions, as the more your dispenser knows about your lifestyle, the more you’ll enjoy your finished spectacles.

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