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Riverside Opticians' Payment Plan

Under our Payment Plan, you set up a monthly standing order to cover a variety of pre-agreed services.

There's no minimum terms and it can be tailored to meet your needs. It's usually preferred by contact lens wearers, but anyone can join it.

There is a once-off set-up charge which includes your first contact lens check, or fitting. Complete the standing order and we'll send it to your bank.

You can cancel the Payment Plan at any time you like, as long as any products or services you have bought under the Payment Plan have been paid for in full.

Once you're included in the Payment Plan you'll receive discounts on a variety of products and services.

The Payment Plan covers

For contact lenses

Initial fitting

Agreed aftercare consultations

Purchase price savings and a discount on solutions

Delivery of contact lenses

Emergency cover

For spectacles wearers

Checking your spectacles at the start of the Payment Plan

Sight tests, every two years

A discount on most spectacles

A discount on sunglasses

Free upgrades on new products as recommended by your optician

Terms and conditions apply. Ask for details.

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