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Lenses - an important choice for you to make

It's easy to think that you pick the frame you like best, leaving us to sort out your lenses. That should never be the case. You should consider your options.

We'll give you advice and make suggestions but in the end, the choice is yours.

Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses correct just a single distance, near or far vision. But it goes further that that. Modern lens materials, allied to the latest dispensing and manufacturing techniques, mean that lenses can be designed and manufactured for you - and only you.

You'll see how natural your vision will be - crisper, wider and more comfortable.

Varifocal Lenses

Once you reach your mid-forties, varifocal lenses are the best choice for the most natural-feeling vision. They can be personalised to the way you wear your spectacles and give you clear and comfortable vision at all distances. Varifocals are our correction of choice for middle age and onwards.

Protection From UV

Most of us love the sun, but we're becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect not just our skin but our eyes too.

Your eyes need protection from UV as prolonged exposure can lead to cataract and, just like your skin, to rapid ageing. This is particularly true of children whose developing eyes are least protected from UV, which can store up major problems for later life. We can offer lenses that will give excellent protection from UV.

Sun Lenses

If you're looking for a photochromic lens, Transitions is the lens for you. They react to bright light and darken very quickly to become as dark as conventional sunglasses. Once you're out of the sunshine, they will quickly lighten again. They give excellent protection from UV too, so they're comfortable and healthy.

Polarised lenses are very comfortable to wear, damping down glare, making them ideal for driving and for everyday use. Like Transitions lenses, they are available in all major lens types.

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