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A spectacle frame for every budget

Fashion eyewear

If you're looking for the latest fashion frames, we've got all the big names including Brutto, Tim Dooley, JR Fashions, John Hicks, Stefano Family, Martin J's, Easons, MacJeffery, Blasz Eyewear and Ned.

We've all the big names in sunwear too including Beech Bum, Peter Allen, Chalkies, Moses and Spike Island, so you're sure to look your best on the beach

Come on in a see how you like them. You can bring family and friends to help you make up your mind but if you're on your own, our staff are trained to help you choose the eyewear that helps you look good and feel good about your eyewear. We're very happy if you just want to browse too.

Your children are very welcome to have a look at our Mixtures range of frames for children and young people. They're good looking and hard wearing.

Working on a budget

We know that fashion frames aren't for everyone, or every budget. We have a wide range of frames of all types, plastic, metal, rimless and combination frames, so you've plenty to choose from.

We've a special offers wall too, where there's some terrific bargains to be found. Just ask for details.

We also a selection of NHS voucher spectacle packages that mean you can buy great value glasses that won't cost more than your voucher.

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