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Why choose contact lenses?

Contact lenses are the convenient option because they free you from having to wear spectacles.

Most sports are more difficult with spectacles and with some, damaging them is a very real possibility.

If you wear spectacles, you can find that sunshine also presents problems, as you need special photochromic lenses, clip-ons or additional prescription sun spectacles. With contact lenses you're free to wear sunglasses whenever you want.

A contact lens for almost everyone

With so many types of contact lens to choose from, there's a lens for almost everyone. Disposable lenses can be replaced each day, others you can wear for up to a month - day and night.

The lens that's best for you can depend on how you want to wear them, maybe for sport or going out, or whether you want to forget about spectacles and wear contact lenses as your everyday sight correction.

Spread the payments

We're able to offer a payment plan that means you can spread the cost over 12 months. There are discounts available too, just ask us and we'll give you full details.

Find out today

Why not give us a call and we can talk about your contact lens needs and the options available to you. We can often give you a pair to try out, so you can find out for yourself just how easy today's contact lenses are to wear.

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