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Lens coatings and treatments

You'll love today's hi-tech lenses why not take them to a new level with latest coatings?

Anti-reflection coatings

Anti-reflection lenses brings enormous benefits to wearers. As the name suggests, they put an end to the reflections than can otherwise make everything from working in an office to driving at home in the evening so tiring for your eyes.

It goes further as greatly-reduced reflections show your eyes, not your lenses, so if you’re buying a quality designer frame, ant-reflection lenses really are a must.

Anti-scratch coatings

Some lenses also offer great scratch-resistance properties to keep your lenses looking good for longer. Nothing will protect a lens being attached with a nail but the scratches that cause most problems are the tiny micro-scratches that can build up to impair your vision, especially in bright light.

Anti-smudge and moisture coatings

Some lenses include anti-smudge and anti-fogging coatings that are so slippery that oils and moisture has nothing to grip on. It makes them easier to clean and easier to keep clean.

UV Protection

Quality eyewear of all types can actually help maintain healthy eyesight as light contains ultraviolet (UV) rays and while it’s invisible, its effects certainly aren’t. UV puts our eyes at risk and can cause cataract, for which the only solution is to surgically remove the lens.

UV is most intense in bright sunny weather, especially at the beach or in the mountains, but up to 80% of solar UV can penetrate light cloud cover, so its effects are still damaging. In fact 40% of our exposure occurs when we’re not in full sunlight.

It isn’t difficult to protect yourself against UV rays though. Many modern lenses can completely filter out UV for the best possible protection. All our sunglasses carry the CE Kitemark; your guarantee they filter out harmful UV.

If you’re going to be in areas of very high ambient UV, like skiing, you might want to consider wraparound sun spectacles. Even these are available with prescription lenses, including varifocals.

Sun lenses

Modern photochromic lenses, like Transitions, are fast-darkening and fast-lightening, and remove 100% of UV. They continuously adapt to changing light conditions for the most comfort.

Polarising lenses cut through glare and offer complete protection too. They are available for single vision and varifocal lenses and are perfect for driving.

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