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Riverside Opticians

We first appeared on Riverside High Street in 1975, so we've looked after the sight needs of generations of families. We're pleased to think that we're part of the fabric of our town.

Eyecare matters

Over the years, Glenchester has changed radically and optics hasn't stood still either. It's why we've invested heavily in the latest dispensing and eyecare technologies.

We were the first practice in the area to offer the services of a Fundus camera. The pictures it takes of your retina enable us to keep a close eye on the health of your eyes, which can be so important in later life.

Being an independent practice also means that we can choose any product that we feel is right for you. In many practices, the choice is restricted to a limited selection of manufacturers.

Fashion matters too

We know how important is it for you to enjoy your spectacles. That's why we offer eyewear from the major designer houses, as well as some very affordable, unbranded frames.

It means that on any budget you can be sure you'll be wearing really good-looking eyewear.

We care

All our staff live in and around Glenchester, so we see our customers almost every day of our lives. It's why we take the long view of your sight care and why we're only interested in your long-term satisfaction.

We're proud that nearly every new customer we see comes to us because they've been recommended to by friends or family. Why not call us and find out more?

Riverside Opticians, 1 High Street, Glenchester, GL1 1RO

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